Event: Monterey Bay Otter Splash
When: July 22 - 24, 2022
Where: Monterey Tennis Center
401 Pearl Street
Monterey, CA 93940
Visit Monterey Tennis Center
USAP Sanctioned: This tournament is fully sanctioned by USA Pickleball (USAP) as a No-Ref event. As such, tournament results will be uploaded and affect future player skill ratings.
USAP Membership: As a USAP sanctioned event, USAP membership is required for all players.
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Events: July 22: Men's & Women's Singles
July 23: Men's & Women's Doubles
July 24: Mixed Doubles
Early Registration: Register by June 15th and save $25!
Registration Ends: The last day to register is July 8th.
Registration: Click here to register on www.PickleballTournaments.com
Swag: Every player receives an Otter Splash T-Shirt!
Tournament Format: Round Robin, followed by a Double Elimination bracket seeded with the top 6 finishers of the Round Robin. Round Robin games will be one game to 15. Brackets will be 2 out of 3 to 11 for the Winner's bracket, and 1 game to 15 for the Opportunity bracket. Medals will be awarded by both skill & age!
More Info: Located in the Heart of the City! 5 min walk to the beach on 20 resurfaced lit courts! This is going to be the tournament of the Summer! No spectator Fee! Come to the Battle of the Bay!